20 September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - Beta Impressions Part II - Combat, Classes and Conclusions

In our previous trip to Eorzea, Zharg Jparx had just arrived in the busy city of Ul'dah. Equipped with nothing but some crappy clothes and the lance on his back, he managed to fend off an escaped beast in the city streets. This was before he was weakened by horrible mouse and keyboard controls and eventually defeated by overburdened login servers. With the initial mad rush to participate in the beta subsiding and now equipped with my own PS3 controller, I decided to take another look at Final Fantasy XIV.

13 September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - Beta Impressions Part I - Character Creation and Introduction

I've avoided most of the MMO space since I stopped playing WoW about three years ago; mainly because I wanted to prevent the inevitable time sink a new MMO would become. However, being the wannabe video game journalist I am, I keep my eye on the bigger releases. When I discovered that Final Fantasy XIV was scheduled to have an open beta I jumped at the chance to have an early look at the game. In this part of my beta impressions, I take a close look at character creation and the game's introductory moments.

8 September 2010

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt DLC - Review

Any Dragon Age aficionado would admit that Morrigan was one of the most interesting characters in the game. Her snide and obtuse commentary throughout the original’s epic storyline offered equal moments of hilarity and awkwardness. Leaving the Warden after the battle of Denerim (or before depending on the choice you were asked to make beforehand) with the awfully mysterious demand, ‘Never follow me,’ the prospect of meeting Morrigan again was a tantalising thought. What better way to conclude the run of DLC with such an opportunity? To finally discover the truth behind her abrupt disappearance.