8 September 2010

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt DLC - Review

Any Dragon Age aficionado would admit that Morrigan was one of the most interesting characters in the game. Her snide and obtuse commentary throughout the original’s epic storyline offered equal moments of hilarity and awkwardness. Leaving the Warden after the battle of Denerim (or before depending on the choice you were asked to make beforehand) with the awfully mysterious demand, ‘Never follow me,’ the prospect of meeting Morrigan again was a tantalising thought. What better way to conclude the run of DLC with such an opportunity? To finally discover the truth behind her abrupt disappearance.

Unfortunately entering the DLC in this mindset will leave you severely disappointed. Come looking for answers and you’ll most likely leave with more questions and a great deal of frustration. Ninety per-cent of the content is padded out with more of the same solid Dragon Age combat and conversations but without the ability to bring over your party members from Origins or Awakening the empty slots are filled with some unimportant and uninteresting characters. This ruins half of the impetus to find Morrigan as seeing how some past characters, especially Alistair, would react to Morrigan’s return was something to look forward to.

When Morrigan eventually appears in the DLC’s rushed climax the conversation flows awkwardly. In addition, my dialogue with Morrigan was full of inconsistencies with references to actions that I had not taken or no mention of those that I had. A later patch should hopefully fix this but it was disheartening to get to the climax only to be let down by a technical issue.
If Morrigan was a very important character in your Warden’s story a small degree of enjoyment could be experienced from the eventual reunion. Sadly, Witch Hunt is a fairly anti-climactic conclusion of the Dragon Age storyline. It certainly answered a few nagging questions and potentially set up a number of events in the next Dragon Age release but given the brevity and flaccidity of Morrigan’s appearance; Witch Hunt is almost worthless.

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